Eduardo Machado Martins

Engineer, Designer and Researcher.

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Aircraft Engineer, passionate about aviation, with 2 years and 4 months of experience in undergraduate research in the field of Radar Absorbing Structures (RAS) working with advanced composite materials, nanotechnology and metallic coatings by plasma-assisted process. Also, 10 years of experience as a Designer working with 2D and 3D images, experience as Technician course Teacher of Computer Graphics (AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Adobe and technical drawing) and Design professor (Paulista University - Brazil). I also have manual skills with iron, wood and with a big range of tools involved in these skills due to work with my father since I was 13 years old in his company and at home. Experience as a programmer in the past using ASP, PHP, C, Visual Basic, Delphi and studying Java for mobile devices. I´m a person who likes to study and learn new things and skills, passionate about engineering, physics, astronomy science in general and about how the universe works. I always concern about innovation process, driven by challenges, giving the best performance to reach the best results. Currently working as Researcher at the Bio Signal Processing Laboratory inside the Medical Industry Techno Tower - YONSEI UNIVERSITY - SOUTH KOREA in the Smart Medical Ship Project between Brazil (University of Taubate) and South Korea (Yonsei University).



3DS Max AutoCAD V-Ray Adobe Collection Aeronautical Engineering Design Thinking Maya vRed